International Support

I offer operational, logistic and personal support to  Brazilian  companies, cooperatives and governmental  agencies whilst in the UK and other countries. I developed a partnership with various universities, organising field visits, tailor-made programmes and customised seminars, whilst sourcing equipment and highly-qualified interpreters for the relevant event. 

Cross-cultural Awareness Workshops

As a cultural consultant for Brazil,  I promote cross-cultural awareness workshops to highlight the opportunities and working practices between UK, Europe, and Brazil. The workshop cover the practical business behavior and etiquette, but my intention is to raise a deeper understanding of the values, perceptions and attitudes expressed in the Brazilian culture. I assist companies and individuals in achieve cultural awareness about Brazil, inter-cultural communications skills and a better understanding of its bureaucratic system. 

My career as a Brazil cultural consultant began in Rio de Janeiro where I promoted Brazil and its business opportunities to the European and Americas market. During this period, I had close ties with the British Tourist Authority and The British Council in Rio de Janeiro, helping to  promote many events and workshops over several years. 

I was one of the pioneers in bringing to the Brazilian market Eco/Sustainable tourist packages and I became the first director of Rio de Janeiro’s chamber of the Brazilian Institute of Eco-tourism(IEB) from 1996 to 1998, a non-profit NGO based in São Paulo, where I worked with environmental education and social sustainability.

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